The site covers an area of approximately 3.4 hectares and comprises one building with 2-storey office frontage to the south-western corner and warehouse units to the rear. A former gatehouse and transformer building are located in the south-western part of the property.

The building complex covers approximately 30% of the property with 10% used as access roads and car parking and 60% comprising open lawns.

The property is located in an area known for former shallow coal mining activities in the mid/late 19th century.

The site was undeveloped agricultural land prior to the construction of the western section of the current building in c. 1983 (subsequent extensions to the east until c. 1993). The building was previously used for the production of bottling machines (including paint spraying activities) until c. 2003.



Vermietungseinheit Größe Angebotsmiete EPC
Unit 2 750 sq.m auf Anfrage