The site is located within the industrial park ’Industriepark Kassel-Waldau’, approximately 3.5km south of Kassel City Centre and 250m south of the A49 motorway.The site is accessed from the Gobietstraße in the north.

 The property covers an area of approximately 2.4 hectares and comprises a warehouse building complex including single-storied office sections. Buildings cover approximately 65% of the property with 30% used as access roads and car parking. Approximately 5% of the property comprises landscaping (grass and bushes/trees).

The site was undeveloped land prior to the construction of the current building complex in 1980 (northern part) and 1990 (southern part). The site was used for the production of office furniture and for office administration by König und Neurath AG until 2004. A paint shop was located in the southeastern corner of the site building and a dedicated room for varnishing activities with a 9,000 litre above ground solvents tank was located in the northern part of the southern building section. A wood shavings silo was added to the site in 1991 and the former oil fired heating plant was converted to a wood fired system.

From 2005 to c. 2008 the property was used by Rudolph Logistics for warehousing and the wood fired heating system was converted back to an oil fired system. Between 2009 and 2012 the property was used by the tenant SMA for the production of electronic and solar components.


Vermietungseinheit Größe Angebotsmiete EPC
Office 1 50 sq.m auf Anfrage
Office 2 350 sq.m auf Anfrage